Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brian and Liz Married!

I love photographing weddings. I love seeing the bride and groom so so happy and I love seeing their families being so happy. These two were no exception! I loved the way they were so obviously in love!
Brian and Liz were married on Friday in the Los Angeles California LDS Temple.
...and i got to come along and witness their perfect day!

this little girl was adorable. one moment she was loving Brian...
and then next thing i know her bouquet is in his face!! I was dying.

Congrats Brian and Liz! It was such a happy and beautiful day. Thank you to Sarah Hull who let me tag along with her as her second shooter for our second wedding together!! I loved it. I love shooting with Sarah.  There are always lots of good laughs, more laughs, good food (we may or may not have stopped at jack-in-the-box on the way to the reception), and more good laughs with her!  

note: Sarah and I coincidentally wore "matching" outfits that day. As in people would say,
"Oh, just look for the photographers in the yellow sweaters and purple shoes!"
I know. What a combination to have just "coincidentally" worn together...
however..true story!
I wish I had a picture to show...


  1. Awesome job Tegyn!!! I wish I could join you two and be a third shooter lol! I'm bummed you didn't get a photo of you two in your twinner outfits!

  2. Great job! You're so lucky! I love Liz and Brian!