Thursday, June 3, 2010

etsy love

1. 1940's dress from salvage life. i die over dresses like these. old things. if only i was rich and had this much money laying around. burning a hole in my pocket.
2. tulip cupcake liners!?!?! cupcake social. that just combined 2 of my favorite things!
3. i love wall decals. however, i feel they can get dangerous for me. i feel like i would go overboard. surface inspired.
4. old things. again. im sorry! i just cant get away from them! if you read this post, you already know im fascinated by things old enough to have seen so many things in its lifetime. its perfect. the fancy lamb.
5. back to the bird thing. again, if you read this post, you know what i mean. how cute is this? dedeetsyshop.

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