Sunday, May 23, 2010

etsy love

ive been addicted to etsy a lot more than usual lately. could possibly be due to all the extra free time roaming around my schedule these days. im going to go with that excuse until i cant use it anymore. :) on that note, these are my favorites this week:
1. brass earrings from miabeads. im really excited that birds are the new "trend" right now. i love them. and this gives me a somewhat reasonable excuse to flaunt my love for them.
2. fleasboutique. ive been looking for a picnic basket for forever! i love picnics. love them. and im so excited for the warm sun to be out this summer so i can go on picnics. (with my quilt.)
3. its a recipe box from giftsandtalents. they do custom orders!
4. i really really really love slash want slash need this. no. not really. but i do like it. (a lot!) this is another one of those "if i had my own home i would definitely buy this" items. im seriously thinking about buying it anyway and just putting it somewhere until i do have my own home. its from trwoodworks. they let you choose your paint color. and then let you decide if you want it "distressed" or not. they do everything. seriously.
5. ive said it before and ill say it again. i love old things. i love things that are so old they would have so many stories to tell if they could talk. what have they seen?? where have they been?? so naturally...i fell in love with this too. its a cake plate from ruralfarmhouse.
6. these caught my eye for photography props. this girl has a whole store dedicated to wedding props. they are adorable! i thought these would be so pretty to have for a shoot. thebackporchshoppe.
7. again with the "old" thing. i cant help it. hindsvik.
8. and lastly. because ive picked up sewing as my millionth hobby, i want this pattern. i may be getting a little over my head here, and will probably be asking my mom for help with some parts, but thats ok. right? im learning. and besides, i cant pass an amy butler pattern. idealist222.

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