Saturday, May 22, 2010

free time!

im so excited about my free time this week. ahem. i mean my "down" time. but really. i cant feel any pain when im so excited to be doing something i love to do. just because i have the time to do it! ive been either sleeping (blame the meds. i hate that part. i cannot even keep my eyes open.) or ive been playing.
this will soon be a skirt. i made one about a month ago when i found this (awesome and so fun) blog. who found a tutorial from this sewing blog. My first skirt didnt have pockets for two reasons. the first reason was that im not one for patience when i get excited about something. and i wanted to finish my skirt asap without any unnecessary pieces. the second reason was that i was just too chicken.

but then i later realized how nice it would have been to have pockets in my skirt. just to put my phone and keys in! no purse!!

so..this skirt will have pockets.

oh..and this? not much. just working on the QUILT im making!!! this is a huge deal for me. and if you know me you know that it is. i never ever thought i would be one to sew. ever. but i love it! its so so fun and i love making something with my hands that is totally useable! (and by totally useable i mean that i really want to take this quilt/blanket out on a picnic as soon as im done with it.) it just looks like summer. and parks. and watermelon. and warm weather. perfect for a picnic!

ive also been playing around a little bit with this guy too. its been a while. but ive been loving it! i love all this time i suddenly have now. if im not sleeping, im doing something that ive been waiting to do forever, but never ever have the time to.

this is turning out to be a better idea now than i ever thought it would be!
minus the ear pain. i could do without the ear pain.

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  1. Um. Ok. That fabric in the first picture? Soooo the fabric I used on the back of my old quilt. I'll show you when I'm back. M&L for life!