Saturday, May 29, 2010

in three years

i have accumulated this much make up from bare escentuals. (major bonus of being an employee) however, i dont think that even 75 percent of this has ever been used. because about 90 percent of it was free.
and do i really wear all of this??
no. not even close.
you see, only on days when i have to work at bare escentuals, or on days when i need to look "nice" (like at church) do i actually wear it. most days are just mascara, and then i call it a day.
soo..what do i do with all of this??
answer: when my best friend, crystal comes over, (crystal, are you reading this!?) she gets to raid it. and she loves me for it.


  1. Loved this post! So cute! So much makeup! I'm like you- mascara and a little bronzer, I'm good! :) Happy Saturday!

  2. Oh I'm reading it and it's soooo true! Can't wait for Wednesday!