Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy day

on tuesday, darren brought me flowers after i got home from surgery so that i would have something pretty to look at. i love them. i love him! (i had to sneak out my camera when my mom wasnt home to take these pictures because she's added everything but "watching tv" and "sleeping" to a list of "things not to do when youre newly tonsil-less")

then, yesterday, i got the BEST surprise!! Elisa, (their mom and an amazing dermatologist, if youre looking for one) and Austin (with his three adorable cousins) came over to visit me!! Ryan was at a birthday party, and couldnt make it. i missed him. They played with my dog and in the backyard. and told me how they hoped chocolate would make me feel better even though i couldnt eat it yet.
that made my day!
i have to say, this surgery hasnt been as bad as i thought it might be. and i couldnt be happier about that!! i feel like i have the worst sore throat of my life, and ive thrown up twice. (dont eat jello) but all in all, its really not that bad! i think ive slept more in the past three days than i have in the past three weeks. And i really really do have the best surgeon. (ryan and austin's dad!) if you need a good ENT, let me know :)
all i can say gonna get my bake on as soon as i can eat again. and im going to make pizza. and im going to eat the chocolate austin brought me.

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