Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Washington: Part II [Seattle]

first up: Pike's Market.
ahhh.. farmer's market. :)
there was rows and rows and isles and isles of fruit, vegetables, honey, artwork, get the idea.
post alley: so cute. so bright!
Athenian Inn. its where we eat every summer. heres a fun fact: its where they filmed the movie Sleepless in Seattle! (they have a barstool that has a sign posted that says "Tom Hanks sat here." I wanted that picture.
but i dont think the lady sitting there eating her lunch would have liked me telling her to move:)  next year!
hers: veggie avacado sandwich. Sounded better than it was.
his: bacon burger. typical.
the world's VERY first original starbucks!

until next year, Seattle:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

photo sessions!

are you busy on monday the 23rd or wednesday the 25???

i will be at Rancho Los Alamitos from 2-7 both days. See me over here for more info and/or email me at

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Friend Katie...

Please meet my little friend (and enormous inspration) Katie. Katie is the daughter of Sarah who I have been SO blessed to have been able to learn a lot of my photography from. The following passage is from Sarah's blog. Please see her photo blog over here to help out! 

Katie Hull is a happy seven year old that is looking forward to starting second grade soon. She loves learning and won second place in her spelling bee last year. Katie is always up for new adventures and keeps a very positive "can do" attitude. Katie was born with Spina Bifida Myelomengocele and Hydrocephalus. A birth defect involving incomplete closure of the spine and in Katie's case resulted in partial paralysis from the waist down and full paralysis of her feet. In these past seven years Katie has continued to prove doctors wrong and fight against the odds. Katie uses the help of adaptive equipment including leg braces, walkers, crutches and a wheelchair to move around. Katie's younger sister recently learned how ride a bike and she has always cheered her on from her wheelchair with a smile in hopes to one day learn to ride a bike herself. This week at Katie's physical Therapy appointment her therapist put her on a new bike called a Rifton and off she went! As her mom watched in amazement tears streamed down her face as she finally found a bike that worked. An adaptive bike that Katie can ride around the neighborhood and park just like her little sister! However when the therapist told the family that insurance does not cover the price and when they learned how much it was they knew it would not be a reality at this time. Having a child with special needs can add financial stress on a family with all the extra equipment that is involved.

* Katie has an account in her name for donations on her behalf for adaptive equipment. Checks can be made out to Katherine Hull and sent to:
Bryant Hull
7400 Center Ave. Suite #210
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Sarah is hosting photo sessions this week to help raise money for Katie's bike! Please see her photo blog for more info!

Friday, July 23, 2010

washington: Part 1 [oma's house]

aaannnndd. im back.
i dont think it's ever been this hard for me to leave before! I am in love with it. I miss the green. and the trees. and the nature. and i of course miss my grandparents. i took way too many pictures. so much, in fact, that i have to split this post up into multiple sections!
So for is Part 1: Oma's house. ("oma" means grandma in dutch. and oma traveled here from holland when she was 18!)

(im the kid on the top! :)

there's a little pizza parlor in town. their windows were painted like this for the fourth!
its true.
i love that town.

Friday, July 16, 2010


i love washington. love.
i couldnt help but leave a quick photo. isnt it a pretty sight to see?!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the evergreen state.

ahhh :)
if i could summarize my childhood in 5 words, Washington would be one of them. It's the home of my grandparents. i visit every summer.
there are trees everywhere. and fresh air.
and it. is. beautiful.
i will be living in their little log cabin home in the woods for a week. ill be picking fresh blackberries and watching the deer from the window.

see you soon!

palmer plays ball...

this is my brother Palmer.
Palmer lives in Utah but is super good at baseball (hes being looked at by colleges in southern ca) so he is here for the summer playing on the Long Beach Cardinals baseball team.

if you dont already know me well enough...let me tell you this:

i was not given the gift of sports. dont get me wrong. i love to run. i love to move and push myself to work harder. however... i am not competitive enough for sports. (im the one who says 'its just a game!'" sorry sports people. dont hate me.)
i also am not coordinated.
at all.
that being said...i came to document palmer's skills this week. i probably looked a little creepy taking all these pictures. oops.
especially when i paparazzi-ed these two! ha! (Tyler and Darren)

the end.

Jona & Danny

are posted on my new photo blog.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have finally set up a photography blog. I started using this one to help me get my feet wet a little bit in the blogging world. (its still a little foreign to me..i admit) And I will still be here! At this blog!...but i will be using it as more of a personal blog rather than trying to incorporate my personal life and business life all in one.

soo...i will now be photo blogging over here. nothing fancy. just separate. come visit! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

senior pictures sneak peek...

becca and derek are engaged!

I have known Becca forever.
...before we had braces. before boys didn't have cooties.
and now shes getting married!!!
..and I have to admit that I approve of this guy.
I love the way he treats her. I love the way he looks at her!
Becca has the most contagious and adorable laugh i know.
Derek makes her happy.
 And he makes her laugh.
 And i don't think they could be more perfect for each other!

Congrats guys!!!
Becca. I am beyond excited for you. I am beyond ecstatic for you!! Thank you for letting me take your pictures!

Monday, July 5, 2010

red, white, and blue

one of my absolute favorite holidays. :)

p.s. darren and i met of the fourth of july four years ago. (four!!!)
this was the first one we've been able to spend together since then.
 ive missed it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Jones Family

I have never seen so many pairs of such BEAUTIFUL blue eyes all at the same time in my entire life! This family was so so much fun. We were sharing sea shells, sitting in dirt, and running circles around
Shoreline Village..and I loved it!