Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Friend Katie...

Please meet my little friend (and enormous inspration) Katie. Katie is the daughter of Sarah who I have been SO blessed to have been able to learn a lot of my photography from. The following passage is from Sarah's blog. Please see her photo blog over here to help out! 

Katie Hull is a happy seven year old that is looking forward to starting second grade soon. She loves learning and won second place in her spelling bee last year. Katie is always up for new adventures and keeps a very positive "can do" attitude. Katie was born with Spina Bifida Myelomengocele and Hydrocephalus. A birth defect involving incomplete closure of the spine and in Katie's case resulted in partial paralysis from the waist down and full paralysis of her feet. In these past seven years Katie has continued to prove doctors wrong and fight against the odds. Katie uses the help of adaptive equipment including leg braces, walkers, crutches and a wheelchair to move around. Katie's younger sister recently learned how ride a bike and she has always cheered her on from her wheelchair with a smile in hopes to one day learn to ride a bike herself. This week at Katie's physical Therapy appointment her therapist put her on a new bike called a Rifton and off she went! As her mom watched in amazement tears streamed down her face as she finally found a bike that worked. An adaptive bike that Katie can ride around the neighborhood and park just like her little sister! However when the therapist told the family that insurance does not cover the price and when they learned how much it was they knew it would not be a reality at this time. Having a child with special needs can add financial stress on a family with all the extra equipment that is involved.

* Katie has an account in her name for donations on her behalf for adaptive equipment. Checks can be made out to Katherine Hull and sent to:
Bryant Hull
7400 Center Ave. Suite #210
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Sarah is hosting photo sessions this week to help raise money for Katie's bike! Please see her photo blog for more info!

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