Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Washington: Part II [Seattle]

first up: Pike's Market.
ahhh.. farmer's market. :)
there was rows and rows and isles and isles of fruit, vegetables, honey, artwork, get the idea.
post alley: so cute. so bright!
Athenian Inn. its where we eat every summer. heres a fun fact: its where they filmed the movie Sleepless in Seattle! (they have a barstool that has a sign posted that says "Tom Hanks sat here." I wanted that picture.
but i dont think the lady sitting there eating her lunch would have liked me telling her to move:)  next year!
hers: veggie avacado sandwich. Sounded better than it was.
his: bacon burger. typical.
the world's VERY first original starbucks!

until next year, Seattle:)

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