Sunday, August 1, 2010

Washington: Part III [everything else in between]

i have to admit it...i could live here. over california. any day. (sorry! dont be mad.)
there's a little beach called Point No Point not too far from my grandparent's house:

and this horse! sigh. i love this horse. we saw him (her?) everyday going into town.
meanwhile..... we picked raspberries off of my cousin's raspberry bush one day...
and the next day Oma turned them into the BEST JAM I HAVE EVER TASTED in my entire life. i am not joking. i have a jar in the fridge that no one is allowed to eat. except me. i take my food seriously.
see? oma's blueberry muffins.
and lastly...the ferry rides...

my heart hurts. can we go back now???

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