Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After a very busy (but wonderful) two weeks of shooting three weddings, two engagements, nannying and working at bare minerals...ive been keeping my spare time occupied with some fun things.
I love the fact that food can grow in my own back yard.
the tomatoes...oh the tomatoes.
im picking them everyday! I swear they grow an entire batch overnight.
i've been mistaking myself as "jill of all trades" recently...thinking i can take on the world and every corner of my time either making something or working on of my various jobs.
that being said...here is one of the latest projects. Have you seen my jewlery etsy? (i have two etsy shops...the other one is a photo shop etsy...see?? i told  you..i've lost it)
annndd another project....making lots of quilts! I'll be a vendor at a Fall Boutique coming up in October. (much more info to come on that in the near future) I'll also be making skirts and aprons to sell along with the quilts.
i know. a christmas quilt. let me tell you...it was very weird sewing christmas fabric together on a hot sunday morning.
and lastly...
This album has been out for quite a while now, but im currently in love with Rangers by A Fine Frenzy. Listen!

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  1. 1) Picking fresh fruit from our yards is absolutely one of the greatest things about living in California. We're up to our ears in tomatoes too! Bruschetta tomorrow!
    2) You really have lost it. Step away from the crafts.
    3) I love you. You're awesome! Keep up the insanity!