Wednesday, September 1, 2010


can you believe it?? because i'm having a hard time believing that summer is over and September is here. 
i have mixed feelings. 
at the start of each new season, i always (always always) think that that season is my favorite. In December, i can list 1001 reasons why winter is my favorite...come March, there is another long list why i like spring the most. Summer can obviously hold its own when it comes to reasons why its the best.
and although i am in denial about summer coming to an end, today does mark the beginning of a new season. so i thought about all the reasons why fall is my new "favorite season." (for the fourth time this year.)

1. the colors. i love the dark and golden colors of fall.
2. pumpkin scented and flavored everything! (candles, bread, pies, and on and on)
3. the idea of crisp air and leaves changing and the need for boots and scarves. i say "idea" because lets be real...i live in california.
4. baking. baking. and maybe some baking.
5. apple cider!
6. the holidays. back to back from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. There is always something to be excited about.
7. and lastly...the family. fall and winter always seem so cozy and family-filled and happy. 

so there you have it. seven reasons why fall is my "favorite" (ha!) season.

here's to you, september!

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