Monday, September 13, 2010

my corner

of the October Fall Boutique will consist of:
1. Quilts:

2. Aprons:
for Mama baker and Little baker!
3. Skirts:
note: there are about a million more skirts that arent finished yet (i ran out of elastic) I also ended up with a lot of left over material so decided to make some little girl skirts as well.
aannndd of course some jewlery to mix it up.
I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew on a daily basis. I dont know when I even found time to do any of this sewing!! (i never even thought i would learn to sew)
But somehow i did..and i am so excited for the boutique!!

Also at the boutique will be Little Penelope Lane's headbands, Pumpkin Seed's baby items, The Shabby Shack, and many, many, many more awesome vendors!

so if you dont have plans on Friday, October 15 or Saturday, October 16...Come!
(details on location, etc to follow soon!)

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  1. ohhh I am so excited! Those look SO SO darling! This is going to be fun!!! Will you email me those examples so i can put them up on the little white cottage blog this week.