Sunday, July 11, 2010

palmer plays ball...

this is my brother Palmer.
Palmer lives in Utah but is super good at baseball (hes being looked at by colleges in southern ca) so he is here for the summer playing on the Long Beach Cardinals baseball team.

if you dont already know me well enough...let me tell you this:

i was not given the gift of sports. dont get me wrong. i love to run. i love to move and push myself to work harder. however... i am not competitive enough for sports. (im the one who says 'its just a game!'" sorry sports people. dont hate me.)
i also am not coordinated.
at all.
that being said...i came to document palmer's skills this week. i probably looked a little creepy taking all these pictures. oops.
especially when i paparazzi-ed these two! ha! (Tyler and Darren)

the end.

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