Monday, November 15, 2010


and i will have a few things to share with you soon.
like how this guy is awesome. and i love him.
and how i wish i could see beautiful trees like this every day of my life.

and how i got to see my sister (who is up at school) that i miss dearly!
and how i got to see my other sister (and take her pictures!)

and even got to stop and see a friend of mine that i havent seen in years and take her family photos!

and how i got to take another family session for my friend Lauren and her family! Lauren is a birthday girl :)

yes. it was a fun few days away. and i miss it already!


  1. I love the yellow tree shots... I might have to buy that off you for some fun art I want to do in my bedroom!!

  2. Nicole!! thanks!:) you are so sweet.