Friday, April 22, 2011

in the city.

my friend Sandy and I made a spur of the moment decision to take a drive to San Francisco.
i guess its not really just "a drive." its more like a journey. a long journey.

our day started out in traffic...
and then moved right along.
Sandy's boyfriend's family was nice enough to let us stay the night at their house. They had the best/bounciest/most comfortable inflatable mattress ive ever slept on!
the next morning. poor car.
we headed to the city!
rode the muni...
gave my last two dimes to the funny silver man on the streets.
did a little sight seeing...
made a little stop at Ghirardelli. of course.
which made us hungry...
then it was time to go.
after getting on the wrong bart....
.....and taking the wrong bart again....
and not knowing what was happening...
....or where we even were...
...and coming to the conclusion that we just arent meant to be city girls...

we made it back to the car. (!)
we drove. and drove. and drove. and ate. and drove.
and late last night made it back home.

so. fun.
thanks sandy!!

EDITED TO NOTE: other details of our trip include but are not limted to the following:
-a cow/bull at the gas station. yes. all by himself. he was huge.
-a scary "man" in the back seat of the car after we left the said gas station.
-an "amusement park" we found on the side of the freeway. it was a construction zone. I might have been tired?