Sunday, May 1, 2011

favorite place in the world.

there's a small little house in a small little town in the evergreen state.

its my favorite place in the world.

my favorite memories...
my favorite smells...
favorite sounds...
favorite homemade jam from home grown and picked raspberries and blackberries...

i even welcome every mosquito bite. (and believe me...there's a lot)
 theyre all part of the memories.

they're all bundled up into my childhood summers and tucked away neatly in this little house waiting for me each time i come back.

(this "favorite place" is oma and grandpa's house, by the way. :)

my mom, brother and i cheated this year and snuck a trip up before summer came. just a quick trip.
it wasnt long, but its enough to hold me over for a few months.
be back this summer.