Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i have to admit...

that i never saw my photography business taking me here!
-in the bathroom of a hospital.
-wearing scrubs.
-a mask.
-a hair net.
-and shoe covers.

or the part where i was taking pictures in an operating room?  during a SURGERY?!
it was awesome. :)


  1. Are you serious??? Who? What? Such an adventure for sure!!!

  2. ummm... so that's kind of gross!! i would have totally passed out! what kind of surgery?? and where are those photos?? hahahaaaaaa

  3. amanda...thanks! :)
    and nicole...i know right? i was really nervous about being able to stomach it all. but luckily there was a tarp that pretty much covered everything. so i saw blood, but no guts. phew! haha!