Saturday, October 30, 2010

three (plus!) years ago...

(July of 2007 if you want to be exact..)
i started working for bare escentuals.
i also started gaining a family (of sorts) there that i absolutely love love love.
and today, sad day of days, was my last day.
let me tell you what was not easy about that last statement:
1. all the "last times" i did today. "last time clocking in.." "last time wearing my name tag..." "last time doing someone's makeup.." dramatic? maybe. but im allowed to be for this one.
2. cleaing out my locker. weird. just really weird.
3. trying to make my shaky hands stop shaking and my watery eyes stop watering as i pack up at the end of the day and hug my friends goodbye.
3. typing this blog post.
i brought my camera today to take a picture of my "family." its too bad i forgot until the end of the night when there were only a few of us left. So..Brandi and Selena made the cut. (im a little embarassed at how much of a towering giant i look like in this picture?!)

so now that ive sobbed my sob story, i should tell you why i left: my photography business!! this is the happy part. Working retail on saturdays just doesnt and cant work with photography.
..Saturday is wedding day...
..Saturday is picture day...
..Saturday is the day dads have off for family pictures...
..Saturday is the day.

soo it is a happy thing too. I am so beyond excited to use this opportunity to do what i love and make more time for photography. soo excited.
but its bittersweet. those three years are stuffed full with such fun memories, lots of black clothing, long holiday hours, and a lot of laughing. and i love them.

change is good. and exciting. and fun. and needed.
so i will be happy:)

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  1. today was my last day at loft! but I only worked there for about 9 months. Im sorry you had to leave :( but im happy for you too. Ill let you do my makeup for fun if you want