Wednesday, October 6, 2010

today i painted.

i needed cake stands for a little photo shoot im doing for a bridal party. preferably pink. buuut i didnt really want to pay $50+ dollars a piece.
so i did a little cheating.
i found old china wear from a local thrift store, along with a few goblets. they were each only $1!
i super glued/gorilla glued the edge of the goblet to the plate and let dry. the cookbook was added for extra weight to help them stick better.
then it was time to spray paint!
ta da!!!
i left the yellow plate unpainted because i just cant paint over the yellow. i need to get some yellow spray paint to touch up the goblet.
so there you have it.
each cake plate cost me $2 plus cost of the spray paint.  it was fun!

note: dont really put a cake with full contact onto the actual plate. Either line it with a doily or use as cupcake stands since the paint isnt fired.


  1. GET. OUT. of here!!! What a creative idea, Tegyn! Those turned out absolutely gorgeous and I think you need to be selling these beauties!